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Nearly all states have an alternative route that involves post-graduate teacher preparation. Candidates following this route to become a teacher attend a teacher preparation program as would traditional-route educators. The major difference between this option and traditional teacher preparation is that alternative route candidates are completing preparation after earning a bachelor’s degree, as opposed to traditional route candidates who usually complete teacher preparation as part of a bachelor’s degree.

Because candidates pursuing certification through these programs already hold undergraduate degrees, many programs are available that lead to the award of a master’s degree while qualifying graduates for teacher licensure. Master’s degree programs usually take two years to complete, whereas certificate-only programs can be completed in as little as one year in many states. Due to growing acceptance of alternative routes, many schools now offer online alternative teacher certification programs. You can read more about online master’s programs for new teachers through our Swedish Hasbeens Jill uvSpV
, which also features our unique ranking of the top schools offering online teaching programs.

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In addition to university and college based teacher preparation programs, there are many national and regional transitional alternative programs. Three of the largest and best-known national programs are the ALDO Legeallan TwoPiece Ankle Strap Block Heel Pumps QGpLPF
, which offers online alternative preparation programs in the 11 states where it is accepted; Foot Petals Tip Toes 3Pack Safari 3ch8La
, which is a pathway to licensure in over 25 states and metro areas; and TNTP Teaching Fellows , which offers programs in eight states and metro areas.

More locally-based programs include the Reebok Classic Harman Run txtC7KEd
in Chicago, New York City Teaching Fellows in New York, the Arkansas Teacher Corps , and the Anne Klein Fonda Scallop Kitten Heel L1yPtPOtAK

Since each state has different guidelines on which programs will be accepted, prospective teachers should be sure to check with their state’s current requirements for alternative certification programs.

The Esprit Sophia gqJN1
is a national, non-profit organization that offers certification for accomplished educators. NBPTS certification is widely respected, and in some cases can be used as a stepladder to state licensing. States that incorporate NBPTS certification as a route to teacher licensing include Arkansas and New Hampshire . In other states, NBPTS certification may not meet the requirements for initial licensure, but may allow those who hold the certification to advance to a higher-level license.

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Refugees flee across the Mediterranean in an iconic 2015 image from the UN Refugee Agency
Kimberly Curtis

By: Kimberly Curtis on July 03, 2018

Leaders of the EU held a summit that lasted into the predawn hours last week, trying to come to an agreement on the issue of irregular migration. The final agreement is short on details, but appears to be a further step in shirking its responsibilities towards migrants.

Although irregular migration has dropped 90 percent since its peak in 2015, populist politicians throughout the bloc have seized on the issue. Some countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, have rejected any attempt to resettle within their borders the estimated 160,000 refugees currently in overcrowded camps in Greece and Italy. As has been the case since the refugee crisis in 2015, this leaves Greece and Italy bearing the lion’s share of the burden of irregular migration, a situation now categorically rejected by Italy’s new right-wing populist government.

Even countries that have taken in refugees are feeling the political strain from the situation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is struggling to keep together her current coalition government with the center-left Social Democrats, with migration becoming the central issue threatening to tear apart her center right CDU party and its more conservative Bavarian CSU allies. Asylum applications in Germany in 2018 are down 20 percent from the same point in 2017, but the CSU wants all asylum seekers previously registered in other countries unilaterally turned away from the German border. Complicating the issue is CSU’s alliance with neighboring Austria and its increasingly far right government led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on trying to close the EU’s outer borders. The issue of migration brought Kurz to power, and he looks adamant to Touch Ups Jasmine by Dyeables QBQo1
as Austria takes over the rotating presidency of the EU.

Chaos and rampant mistreatment in Libya, along with an Rocket Dog Cool It gHrplyp
, means migrants are shifting away from the Central Mediterranean route in favor of the Western Mediterranean route to Spain and Nanette nanette lepore Flora DPcBt27usO
through Turkey and Greece. Much like what happened following the controversial EU-Turkey deal in 2016, this will change which countries are left to face the initial burden of irregular migration, as well as which countries will likely see an increase in asylum applications.






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